“Discard everything that does not spark joy” – Marie Kondo


Decluttering is the process of letting go of things that no longer serve you. At Tidy House, we understand that saying good bye to objects that once meant something to you is of often easier said than done. As part of our decluttering service, we strive to transform your home into a space that is for living, not for storage!


With over 20 years of industry experience specialising in visual merchandising and interior design, I possess the necessary skills and qualifications to assist you in setting up a sustainable process for decluttering your home and guiding you through the psychological journey of letting go.


As part of Tidy House’s home organisation and decluttering service, I can assist with the following:

  • Set up a declutter process
  • Sort items into manageable groups
  • Establish customised storage solutions
  • Dispose of goods in a thoughtful and ethical way that will assist you in the process of letting go
  • Assist with organising space and setting frameworks up to maintain systems

Organisation isn’t about perfection or creating a clinical and clean space. It’s about creating an efficient space that is free of stress and clutter. It is about creating a space that allows you to save time and money and improve your overall well-being and quality of life.


I will work with you to better understand your obstacles, your goals and your ideal living space to create a customised plan for decluttering your home space that is unique to your requirements.


To find out more about how Tidy House can simplify your life, be sure to contact me today on 0411 165 244 or fill out the online enquiry form.